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Quinting is an independent Swiss Manufacture most famous for developing the first and only 100% transparent watch. They are clearly positioned on the luxury segment, developing products as sophisticated as it possibly gets. However, the company has that specific characteristic making their watches different from all others and avoiding the classic concurrency. Pascal Berclaz, President of Quinting, gives us a taste of the work he does at the company.

The particularity

To create an entirely transparent watch, an entirely mysterious watch, was a dream that the greatest brains of watchmaking have tried to realize for a century. Many of them, including the most prestigious watch manufactures, have tried to give life to this project, but all attempts were in vain. The mystery of transparency stayed impenetrable and the watchmaking world agreed to assert that the creation of a totally transparent movement would remain an unreachable dream, until the arrival of Quinting.

We own all of our movements and are totally independent, without any major group behind us. That basically means that we can do absolutely anything we want, especially regarding astonishing new models and designs. Whoever knows us would be able to confirm how crazy our engineers and designers can get!

In this edition we center the Earth on a city hosting the F1 Grand Prix and hand paint the circuit graphic at the back, with a small F1 car making a whole lap in one hour.

Key points

Our philosophy is very simple – we want to remain faithful to our brand, history and values. It has always been the most important thing for us and it will stay our number one goal. And it’s great when your goals match your results. We notably sold one of our special transparent mechanisms to Dior a couple of years ago, designed by John Galliano. Moreover, other collaborations with other brands should appear on the markets soon.

There are more and more watch enthusiasts out in the world. They are well informed and very demanding. If you correlate that with the unstable economic times, you will easily understand that it’s not enough just to be a watch brand anymore to sell watches, you need to find real added value, an additional sensitivity allowing the clients to dream and escape their everyday life.

On the technical part, we attained such a high a level of technicality now that everything seems possible with the convenient amount of motivation. Today we witness probably one of the richest decades for high horology regarding creativity.

The clients

Our clients are really different and come from all kind of countries and segments. Of course, we have the classical watch enthusiasts and people who want to give a present to their loved ones or relatives, collectors or business people seeing our watches as the perfect investment.

The major change we noted is that since we launched our Art Collection and Street Art Collection (only made of unique pieces hand decorated with enamel), we sold a lot of watches to art enthusiasts and art collectors. It’s always amusing to hear customers explain that they don’t want to wear the watch now and they’re saving it for a few years, waiting for it to have gone up in value.

The racing

Obviously, Formula 1 and high-end watchmaking have a lot in common. Both require an extreme precision and technicality and both are here to make people dream. The last decade looks like a turning point for our segments with the recent emergence of new technology and new brands on the stage. Formula 1 is growing as new markets are emerging. At the same time, the global business environment is increasing and the local differences are highlighted. The new Grands Prix in Abu Dhabi, South Korea or India are a good illustration of this.

Quinting is a brand intimately related to automotive sports in general. One of five engineers underlying the patents of our movements comes directly from this segment. We already have some limited editions dedicated to exceptional cars, such as the Quinting Challenge and the one we designed for the 24 Heures du Mans race. Right now we are promoting the Moonlight Circuit. The Moonlight is an exceptional watch where you can see the moon rotating around Earth, as if you were a cosmonaut in space. We are very proud to be the first ones able to show the real moon phases on a watch. In the Circuit Limited Edition we center the Earth on a city hosting the F1 Grand Prix and hand paint the circuit graphic at the back, with a small Formula 1 car making a whole lap in one hour. We only have one for each circuit so the watch is as unique as its owner.

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