What makes F1 cars so special: features that stand them out among other vehicles

Lando Norris, McLaren MCL60

The F1 cars that participate in races are unique in their design. They are created to reach incredibly high speeds and manoeuvre with unrivalled precision. Their unusual technical features make them stand out among the mass of cars.

City cars also have unusual features, such as massage functions built into the seats. Massage and spas are recognised remedies not only for muscle tension but also for moral tension. It helps eliminate fatigue and reach the destination, saving strength and nerve cells. Of course, the massage seat of the car can not be compared with massage in Dubai or luxury massage, but as an addition, it will ultimately add some comfort to your trips.

Some unique features you may notice in F1 car:


This is one of the most important factors distinguishing them from other cars. The shape of the F1 car is designed in such a way that air resistance at high speed is minimal, and the car is pressed as hard as possible to the track’s surface. Every detail of the body is thought out and made in such a way as to maintain stability at high speeds.

The front wing is at the head of the supercar’s unique features. The pilot of the car during the race has the ability to regulate it from the inside, thus changing the amount of downforce and resistance. With skill, the driver adjusts the car and gains an advantage over other racers participating in the race.


This system was introduced into the sport to make overtaking easier. It acts as a push or assists drivers in passing a competitor when they are close by safely.

The system can only be used in designated activation zones. The hydraulics are the means that help activate the DRS.

The DRS drive mechanism was located in an additional rear wing B-pillar, and when the plate was opened, the driver pushed the movable element up. But it was so before after a while. They decided to change the design. The drive mechanism began to be placed inside the hydraulic valve directly above the wing.

A mechanism inside the manifold opens the wing plane directly or via a small lever. When the pilot activates the hydraulic drive of the DRS, the piston is immediately set in motion, opening the movable part of the wing. When the hydraulic pressure is released, the air pressure closes the wing.


This is a device to protect drivers from damage and injury. The halo acts as a barrier that protects the car’s driver from objects that can fly into any part of the car during the race.

It was implemented as a way to offer drivers better safety practices. Up to this point, it has been difficult for drivers to stay protected, especially if large debris is flying straight at them.

The Halo system is made from lightweight titanium tubing. It attaches to the carbon fibre chassis at three points and provides an excellent stiffening system. The system has repeatedly proven its effectiveness in business and saved pilots’ lives in different situations and circumstances.

Steering wheel

This is not just a means to change the direction of the car. In F1 cars, this is a full control centre with many buttons and knobs. Thanks to this, the car’s pilot switches parameters and settings at great speed. With it, the driver also receives information about the state of the car and its speed, as well as the time it took to cover the distance.


They are also race car specific. Traction is maximised with the help of the particular material from which they are made. In addition, tires for F1 cars are more comprehensive, which gives the car more contact area with the track.

During the race, the tires wear out quickly due to the colossal loads, and the riders come to the pit stops, where tires are replaced in seconds.


Race cars’ shape and content differ from ordinary cars. The unique aerodynamic shape makes it possible to use the enormous power of the engine due to the provision of minimal air resistance. The tires of their wheels are made extra wide. This is for better grip and, therefore, safer movement. A special suspension provides stability and prevents the car from skidding even when it makes sharp turns at high speed.

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