What other major sporting events are there to look forward to after F1 2022 finishes?

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Formula 1 is the world’s greatest sport to its global legion of supporters. The high-octane action that races deliver plus the glamorous locations and behind-the-scenes drama make it truly fascinating to follow. Although it might seem a long way off yet, F1 followers might be wise to plan what to do when the current season finishes in November 2022. After all, this will leave a gaping hole in their schedule, requiring them to find other sporting events to plug the gap until F1 starts up again. But which are the best alternative sports events that F1 followers might enjoy tuning into? 

World Cup 2022 

Soccer’s premier competition is not only a top spectacle to watch but also great if you usually bet on races in F1 and want to carry on with sports betting at other events. The current 2022 World Cup betting odds are worth checking out before you do, so you have an idea of which countries should do well. 

The other great thing about catching soccer’s World Cup 2022 after F1 ends is that you will not have to wait too long. F1 finishes early this year on November 20th, 2022, and the World Cup starts right after on November 21st, 2022!  The World Cup is set to run for multiple weeks and bring together the best players and teams to battle it out on the field. France are the current champions and expected to shine – but will have countries such as England, Brazil and Argentina to contend with first!

Australian Open 

Although the start of a new year is always quiet in terms of F1, this does not mean there are not lots of other first-class sporting events to catch. The Australian Open in tennis is a great example and is certainly worth tuning in for. 

As Rafael Nadal’s 2022 Australian Open win showed, this is a tennis competition which always serves up the best action. It is also the first major Grand Slam event in tennis each year – just as the Australian Grand Prix usually launches the Formula One season each year. 

With all the top names in tennis turning up and plenty of thrilling action to enjoy as they dash around the court, this event never fails to disappoint. Taking place from January 16th to January 29th, 2023, in Melbourne, it will be interesting to see who takes home the men’s and women’s trophies this year. 

Superbowl 2023 

After the Australian Open in tennis, this is the next major sporting event F1 fans will enjoy as they wait for the racing to start again. NFL’s Superbowl is the climax of the football season every year and is always enjoyable. Although we might have seen some short-lived F1 circuits over time, the Superbowl is a long-running icon for football.

Even if the game itself is not that great, the half-time entertainment is still worth catching! In truth though, the Superbowl usually serves up top-class action and lots of on-field drama. It is also a nice change from racing and gives you something different to enjoy. Taking place on February 12th, 2023, in Glendale, Arizona, it will be a real treat. 

March Madness 2023 

Although the insane spectacle that is March Madness in college basketball might run into the new F1 season in 2023, it should start beforehand, so it is worth a look. While the exact start date for Formula One 2023 has not been set yet, we do know that March 14th is when March Madness is due to get going. 

But why might F1 fans enjoy checking out this annual competition in college ball? Put simply, it not only brings together the best college teams from across the USA but also gives you a chance to see the best college players in action. In addition, the knockout style setup plus the sheer number of games seen over a short period are very exciting. Even if you only watch the initial stages of March Madness before F1 starts again in 2023, it is worthwhile.

Plenty to see in sports once F1 2022 finishes 

Although the end of the current Formula One season is thankfully a long way off yet, it will soon come around. Once this happens, it is a great idea to find other top sporting events to watch until the new season starts again. If you need a helping hand narrowing down which are the top choices, the above should help. 

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