What to Do in Atlanta After an Uber Accident

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Being in an accident is stressful, whether walking, riding, or driving. Uber drivers have experienced a lot of involvement in accidents in the last few years. When you use your phone to order an Uber, you entrust the driver with your safety, just like you’d do for any other car or bus ride. You don’t have control over the driver’s actions. That’s why getting into an Uber accident can be scary. 

There are many reasons why Uber accidents happen, like drivers going too fast, not paying attention, driving drunk, breaking traffic rules, or being new to driving. The main thing is what to do next when you have experienced an Uber accident in Atlanta and seek an Uber accident lawyer in Atlanta to avoid more problems. Let’s discuss the steps to take after an Uber accident!

Why Rideshare Accidents Happened

Below are a few reasons why rideshare accidents occur.

  • The rider might be busy using the phone, distracting passengers, or accepting new rides.
  • They might not be familiar with the roads and the area. The rider can easily get distracted by looking for street signs, changing lanes, and trying to determine which direction to go.
  • Bad weather conditions are another reason for car accidents. It is better to stay at home in bad weather conditions.
  • Bad driving skills can also be the reason for it. If a person is driving, it doesn’t mean he is a good driver.

How You Can Get Help After an Uber Accident

If your Uber ride didn’t go as planned, you can take charge of what happens next by following our guide on what to do after an Uber car accident.

  • Get Any Medical Treatment

First, check your body for any possible injuries or medical treatment needs. No matter what, safety is always crucial. So, ensure everyone in the car gets the medical treatment they need. If everything is fine, please go to a safe place or a less traffic area.

  • Call the Police and Report the Accident

Even though you’re on a ride and not driving the car, you should call the police and report the accident right away. Since you’re also involved in the accident. So after confirming that everyone is safe, you must report to the police.

  • Document All Uber Accident Details

You will not be responsible for the accident, but still, it will be good to be involved. You can take pictures of the damage and injuries for future claims. You must do a check-up so that your doctor can testify that you’ve been injured during the accident.

  • Report to Uber

It’s crucial to tell Uber about your accident in order to get compensation from them. Once the police determine that the Uber driver caused the accident, Uber must document it. Uber has insurance plans to cover their drivers in case of an accident. So, to receive a settlement, you must inform Uber about the accident.

  • Get a Consult With a Lawyer

We know a car accident can be stressful, but you must contact your lawyer. It can be for your benefit to have a consultation with them to get the compensation you deserve. They will ensure you get a proper settlement for your injuries and losses.

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