What value does sociology have for students in the modern world?

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Social sciences are the ones that study how people, institutions, or nations interact, live, and behave. Under the social sciences umbrella, you can find many sciences, such as sociology, psychology, political sciences, and more.

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What is sociology? It studies the relationships between people within many contexts, such as family, educational institutions, political institutions, and more. How individuals behave in certain situations is essential as it contributes to their development as individuals and to the development of an organization or nation too. Students might study sociology concepts within the college no matter the field they choose to be active in, as the definition of sociology comprises many fields. But what value does sociology have for students in the modern world?

Social Inequalities

Students that come from distinct social classes might have already felt the inequalities. If you come from an upper social class, you may have more benefits, and life may be easier for you. On the contrary, if you are not upper class, even college life can be challenging as you do not have access to the same resources. This is one of the fields of sociology scientists are studying. How are social classes created? What fuels them so that they are maintained? How does the distribution of wealth and resources affect people’s development?

This is a hot topic today, as many take a look into these differences that tell people apart only by how much wealth they have. You can find many free essay examples or an online essay that explore these topics and give answers to these questions. You can search in sociology essays examples for the opinion of experts, but also the results of their research. Any free service shares samples online, and you can delve more to discover the social inequalities still pervasive in our society. It is about inequality of conditions and distribution of wealth, but about the inequalities of opportunities too. Studies have shown that Black people do not have the same opportunities as others. And becoming aware of these social inequalities is crucial as this is the basis of reforms.

Environmental Sociology

Our impact on the environment is so strong that we are depleting the Earth of the natural resources we need at an alarming pace. Taking care of the environment is crucial, as we need the resources it offers us to survive. But although many protests and campaigns aim to educate people to adopt sustainable behaviour or draw attention to what companies do to the environment, changes are adopted slowly.

Sociologists seek to understand why this is happening these days when we have access to so much information. They want to understand why some companies continue to pollute the environment despite the harsh campaigns that are now made public. And despite the environmental cost of their pollution for the health of people, animals, and nature. Sociologists want to understand what factors influence decision-making in the environmental domain and how we can advocate for eco-friendly behaviours and practices within societies and organizations.

Emotional Expectations

Many unwritten rules in our societies prevent people from expressing their emotions freely. One that we are all aware of is crying. People often say, “Don’t cry”, or that men should not cry as this means they are weak.

There are emotional expectations in every society, which influence how people behave or their attitudes in certain situations. Sociologists aim to investigate all these and see where they come from. There are gender norms in every society that influence people’s behaviour a lot, so knowing all these are essential.

Final Thoughts

Sociology is essential in the modern world, especially for students who are now deepening their knowledge in their chosen fields. Knowing how and why people behave in certain situations the way they do helps us understand where we stand as a society and humanity as a whole.

It helps people start and create campaigns that advocate for changes in society, changes that do a greater good to the environment and others. Knowing about emotional expectations, social inequalities, and environmental sociology is crucial for individuals and people’s healthy evolution and development.

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Helen Birk is a content writer and blogger. She is interested in topics such as psychology, environment, and sociology. Helen loves reading books with a cup of hot tea nearby.

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