Which motorsports betting markets provide customers with really good odds?


If you want to try out something different while wagering online, don’t forget to test the different motorsports. Even though not every iGaming operator will allow you to bet on these kinds of sports, most companies have started implementing them in their sections. As a result, even people who don’t watch F1, Moto GP, or other popular motorsports decided to put them to the test.

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One of the things that you should keep in mind about the different motorsports is that you may not have the chance to use that many markets. Most iGaming operators will provide you with a handful of options, some of which are really good. With that being said, here are some of the options that are known for having excellent odds.

Winning Car

The first and also the most popular motorsports betting market that you will have the option to use is called Winning Car. Depending on which iGaming operator you go to, this market might have a different name. Speaking of operators, you can check out Nostrabet, where there are motorsports betting sites offering really good odds for most motorsports. Since these things are not as popular as the usual go-to options yet, the odds for some markets are higher than usual.

Naturally, you can only bet on the winning car if the motorsport you are interested in includes cars. In other words, this is an option that you will have access to if you are interested in F1, Formula E, Off-road racing, and more. Another interesting thing about this market is that it has several variations. In some cases, you can punt on the car’s brand, but you may have the option to wager on the specific driver.

Qualifying Winner

The second option that you could put to the test is called “Qualifying Winner”. It is similar to the first one, but you simply bet on the qualifiers instead of wagering on the car that will win the race. Fortunately, after you open Nostrabet’s selection of motorsports betting sites, you will find several bookmakers that provide excellent odds for this market.

Similar to the previous option, this one has several variations, depending on the site you choose. In most cases, you can bet on the driver, which means the odds are attractive.

Winner without the Big X

This is one of the few unique markets you probably won’t have access to if you decide to wager on another sport. Luckily, you can put it to the test if you decide to try out some of the most popular motorsports in the world, such as Formula 1.

By choosing this market, you will have to option to wager on the potential race winner. However, you won’t be able to punt on everyone because this market specifically excludes those considered to be among the favourites. While it is true that this makes the market way more challenging to predict, it usually has a positive effect on the odds.

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