Who is taking the lead on F1 Instagram

Formula 1 continues to grow in popularity among a new generation of fans, this is thanks to the Netflix series Drive to Survive and the Twitch quartet keeping us all entertained during the lockdown.

With this their Instagram accounts are continuing to grow, Grange has taken a look at the engagement rate, potential earnings from sponsored posts and average likes of the current Formula 1 drivers to analyse their social activity.

The lists are fully searchable by the number of followers, likes, engagement rate and earnings. Click on the names or photos for each Instagram profile and most importantly, enjoy!

Formula 1 Drivers Instagram rankings 

PicturePosDriverFollowersFollowingAverage likesEngagement rateAverage earnings per post
1.Lewis Hamilton23,623,153785777,6963.33%$46,649 - $77,748
2.Max Verstappen5,665,066669467,1598.27%$11,249 - $18,748
3.Charles Leclerc5,294,355919571,33010.82%$10,517 - $17,529
f1 instagram daniel ricciardo4.Daniel Ricciardo5,233,483438447,4888.57%$10,402 - $17,336
f1 instagram lando norris5.Lando Norris3,837,521167508,13913.31%$7,610 - $12,683
f1 instagram fernando alonso6.Fernando Alonso3,479,57822078,9262.28%$6,914 - $11,523
F1 instagram carlos sainz7.Carlos Sainz3,267,198573311,5959.58%$6,483 - $10,805
f1 instagram kimi raikkonen8.Kimi Räikkönen2,515,80434254,33410.25%$4,9445 - $8,241
f1 instagram sergio perez9.Sergio Perez2,436,838206222,4299.16%$4,845.75 - $8,076.25
f1 instagram valtteri bottas10.Valtteri Bottas2,351,696464103,0594.39%$4,674 - $7,791
11.Pierre Gasly2,189,5851,017307,60814.07%$4,355 - $7,259
f1 instagram george russel12.George Russell2,136,959495380,66417.92%$4,235 - $7,059
f1 instagram mick schumacher13.Mick Schumacher1,965,25852108,7795.56%$3,896 - $6,493
f1 instagram esteban ocon14.Esteban Ocon1,093,64181092,9848.54%$2,173 - $3,621
f1 instagram antonio giovinazzi15.Antonio Giovinazzi691,93971246,9146.82%$2,060 - $3,434
f1 instagram yuki tsunoda16.Yuki Tsunoda595,81632744,3177.47%$1,778 - $2,963
f1 instagram lance stroll17.Lance Stroll594,63732332,0645.41%$1,776 - $2,960
f1 instagram nikita mazepin18.Nikita Mazepin394,48145331,3878.02%$1,181 - $1,969
f1 instagram nicholas latifi19.Nicholas Latifi271,47643026,4829.80%$813.75 - $1,357
20.Sebastian Vettel00000

Formula 1 Teams Instagram rankings

PicturePosTeamFollowersFollowingAverage likesEngagement rateAverage earnings per post
1.McLaren Racing7,820,90472152,6231.95%$15,540 - $25,900
2.Mercedes-AMG F1 Team7,523,74627101,6551.35%$14,949 - $24,915
3.Scuderia Ferrari6,903,6812589,7171.30%$13,709 - $22.848
4.Red Bull Racing6,440,770106103,7451.61%$12,796 - $21,326
5.Alpine F1 Team2,113,93812715,6090.74%$4,1988 - $6,998
6.Aston Martin F1 Team1,923,45321742,3092.20%$3,819 - $6,365
7.Scuderia AlphaTauri1,848,82014622,6431.23%$3,671 - $6,118
8.Williams Racing1,720,91214936,1272.11%$3,415 - $5,692
9.Haas F1 Team1,534,1638018,1931.19%$3,048 - $5,080
10.Alfa Romeo Racing1,436,13928268,1894.77%$2.854 - $4,765

Key findings:

7 time World champion Lewis Hamilton is leading the pack with a whopping 23.1 million followers on Instagram.

 His rumoured 2022 teammate George Russell has the highest engagement rate of all the drivers (15.42%).

 Full-time streamer, part-time driver Lando Norris comes in second with an engagement rate of 13.08%.

 Potential earnings – Lewis Hamilton could potentially earn £33,784 – £56,306 per sponsored post.

Instagram mirrors the championship with Lewis Hamilton being in first with the most followers and Max Verstappen taking second.

 Sebastian Vettel is the only account we could not analyse as he is the only driver who has no social media accounts.

McLaren Racing wins the Instagram constructors championship with 7.6 million followers, followed by Mercedes with 7.3 million.

 Red Bull miss the podium, being the fourth most followed team with 6.2 million followers behind Ferrari who have 6.7 million.

Formula 1 has 14,692,661 followers, which makes their account the second most popular behind Lewis Hamilton.

Pirelli Motorsport has 631,441 followers and has the fastest growing audience in F1.

We will review the top 20 independent Formula 1 related accounts in the near future.

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