Why Las Vegas is a wonderful place to host a Formula 1 race

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After 41 years, Nevada’s main city will hold a Formula 1 race again. Let’s find out why Las Vegas is a beautiful place for F1.

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Las Vegas is the biggest city in Nevada state. It is located in Clark County. The layout of the city track will include the famous Las Vegas Strip, one of the main attractions of Nevada City. Las Vegas Strip is known for its high concentration of resorts, hotels and casinos like Caesars Palace. This building is not only famous to be one of the most luxurious hotels in the world but also because in 1981 and 1982, F1 seasons hosted two race editions with the denomination of “Caesars Palace Race”.

The first Caesars Palace Grand Prix was won by Alan Jones driving a Williams-Ford, but it was also an essential race for Nelson Piquet, who finished 5th, but it was enough to clinch his first F1 drivers’ title.

Despite some doubts because of expensive costs and tremendous heat, another race was held in Las Vegas one year later, and Keke Rosberg secured his one and only F1 title by clinching a fifth place in the race. The winner of this race was Michele Alboreto, driving a Tyrrell-Ford.

Hosting a race in LA will increase interest towards motorsports which will support the unstoppable growth of Formula 1.

After that, F1 never came back to Las Vegas. At the beginning of 2022, more precisely at the end of March, Formula 1 management announced that Las Vegas would become the third American F1 Grand Prix venue. The circuit features 17 corners, and the layout will skirt all main attractions of Las Vegas, like MSG Sphere, Venetian Palace, Bellagio fountains and Caesars Palace, located on the mythical strip.

Greg Maffei, President and CEO at Liberty Media, is convinced that Las Vegas will be the key to the growth of Formula 1 in all terms. He declared to Motorsport.com, “The Las Vegas race is going to be a massive noisemaker for our sport, and it’ll open up our sport to many people who previously were not aware.” Liberty CEO added, “It will be hard to miss F1 after Las Vegas, it will be loud, and we will get a lot of attention”.

In my opinion, hosting a race in LA will increase interest towards motorsports, supporting the unstoppable growth of Formula 1.

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