Wider 150’ Yacht by WIDER


Construction of the Wider 150’ in the shipyard’s superyacht facility in Ancona continues to take shape in a very visible and significant way. The most evident advancement of the build was marked with the completion of the vessel’s sleek superstructure. This gives the yacht a complete profile now, and visitors to the shipyard can appreciate her balanced proportions and sumptuous lines. Areas such as the master stateroom, galley, and saloon can be walked through and their dimensions appreciated, while below deck carpenters are starting to lay platforms and build dividing bulkheads.

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Whilst plans are underway to enclose the stern of the vessel with a multi-opening transom, electricians are busy laying first-fit wiring throughout the vessel, joinery companies are starting the mammoth task of fitting out the interiors, and the yacht has become a hive of activity as workers press forward to the homeward stretch before launch.

The shipyard has made a tasteful and elegant selection of fabrics and materials for the interiors, but potential buyers still have time to adapt the decor to their own taste if they act quickly.

The Wider Superyacht Division reached another significant milestone as bench testing of the innovative diesel-electric system has been completed. WIDER superyachts rely upon a power system that, whilst popular and proven in the shipping industry, is still quite new to yachting. The system is based around four variable speed generators that charge two banks of lithium polymer batteries. The batteries supply both the “hotel” and the propulsion of the vessel and are governed by a power management system that determines how much energy is required at any given time. The system was tested at the Vicenza facility of Emerson Industrial Automation, in the presence of WIDER staff and other key suppliers. RiNa representatives also attended this important occasion and were more than happy to confirm that the WIDER superyacht diesel electric system meets up to the high level of safety that they demand.

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