Five Ways To… achieve your goals, World Record-style.

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I once attended a motivational session run by the Guinness World Records organisation. It focused on making a difference and becoming a legend, on a large scale, on the largest scale, or simply in your own daily life. Here are a few tips I still remember from that session, maybe some of them will strike a chord!

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1. Imagining the highest prize
Think big – easier said than done, of course, but it actually will be easier to do if you follow this piece of advice. There’s no point to aim small since reality always brings you a few notches down anyway. Practical experience tells us that aiming higher will get you where you want to be quicker.

2. Standing out
If by any chance you have something unique, exceptional or even slightly strange about you, use it to your advantage to the fullest. Sometimes the best thing to do is to stand out, especially if you have many competitors – people need to remember you.

3. Dedication
Nothing can be achieved without a lot of practice and determination; that should be obvious to anyone, right? However, if you lack the motivation at times, remember that all of the hard work will pay off sooner or later.

4. Validation
Being recognised by a credible authority will always legitimise your status. Therefore, along with aiming high, aim to do it close to those you respect.

5. Amplification
Let people know about your work, don’t keep it a secret. Share it with others and eventually they will share crucial feedback with you – that’s exactly what you need to improve. Tell your story in a way that makes others want to spread the word about you. How? I couldn’t stress this more – make sure you give them away to relate to it.

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