12. Paddy Lowe

12. Paddy Lowe
Age 53
Occupation Executive Director (Technical) of Mercedes F1
Nationality British
Position last year 51 

In 1987 he was employed by Williams F1 as joint Head of Electronics. Paddy Lowe moved to McLaren in 1993, when he was employed as Head of Research and Development, a department subsequently renamed Vehicle Technology. He was head of the department for eight years until 2001, when he was appointed Chief Engineer Systems Development, a role focusing on the race programme for the McLaren MP4-20. In May 2005 he assumed the role of Engineering Director, which gave him responsibility for all the engineering departments. In January 2011 Lowe became the team’s Technical Director. Lowe moved to the Mercedes F1 team as Executive Director on 3 June 2013.


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