Hamilton visits Mangrove Plantation Project in Malaysia

Lewis visits PETRONAS Mangrove Conservation Project in Malaysia

Ahead of this year’s Singapore Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton visited a Mangrove Plantation Project funded by the Title and Technical Partner PETRONAS, on the small South Malaysian island of Tanjung Surat. He learnt more about the project and the local community. He also witnessed the planting of the mangrove conservation programme’s 30,000th tree, marking the first key milestone of the project being achieved.

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The project, set up by PETRONAS in 2021, aims to enrich local biodiversity through reforestation, contribute to carbon sequestration, and provide opportunities to the local community.

The 30,000 mangroves, which have been planted by the local community and volunteers from the nearby PETRONAS Integrated Complex (PIC), will capture approximately 42 tons of carbon dioxide per year, and will support in protecting the local area from the threat of natural hazards, such as coastal erosion and flooding from storm surges.

Lewis Hamilton said:

Lewis Hamilton visits PETRONAS Mangrove Conservation Project in Malaysia

It was an honour for me to be able to witness the 30,000th tree being planted today and to witness the incredible work being undertaken here in order to support our planet. Seeing first-hand how PETRONAS works with the local community and volunteers is hugely inspirational. The project here doesn’t just help the local community it also contributes to the wider environment.

About Mangrove Plantation Project:

PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd (PCSB) in collaboration with the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), planted 500 new mangrove saplings along the Kertih River at the ecoCare Environmental Education Centre here today, in support of Yayasan PETRONAS’ Sentuhan Alam environmental conservation programme.

More than 30 volunteers from PCSB, E&P O&M Services Sdn Bhd and MNS participated in the programme. Among the key highlights of the day was a sharing session about mangroves by representatives from the ecoCare Environmental Education Centre.

Lewis Hamilton visits PETRONAS Mangrove Conservation Project in Malaysia

Mangroves are essential for coastal protection, in addition to being a breeding and nursing ground for commercially valuable fishes. To date, almost 12,000 mangrove trees have been planted in a 14,000 sqm ecoCare area along Kertih River.

The Sentuhan Alam Mangrove Reforestation is a series of awareness programmes organised by PCSB’s Peninsular Malaysia Assets and complements Yayasan PETRONAS Sentuhan Alam programmes which are designed to deliver sustainable impact to society.

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