Making sure your guests enjoy the Monaco GP

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Shane Heminway is the Founder/CEO of Monaco Star Events and US Star Events, based in between Monaco and Austin for almost 30 years, providing Formula 1 race viewing, packages and experiences with unparalleled local knowledge, customer service and attention to detail. He is the perfect man to give us five tips on how to make sure your clients have a great time in Monte Carlo.

  1. Aim at experiences

Monaco is unique for many reasons, the most obvious one being that it is a street race, built in under two months and taken down in less than one month. If you are in Monaco for that once in a lifetime/tick the box experience than no other Grand Prix on the calendar compares, make sure you do it in style. From Paddock Club guests being tendered from the new Monaco Yacht Club to pit lane, to Red Bull Energy Station participants enjoying the race and afterparty from a floating barge in the port to superyachts hosting race viewing and decadent parties, Monaco has it all and we provide all the “behind the ropes” access one can dream of.

We always prepare for the worst case scenarios so that in the event something doesn’t go as planned we are ready with Plan B to solve problems before they happen.

  1. Exceed expectations 

Being based on the ground in Monaco year round, our team has the local knowledge required to properly navigate the labyrinth that Monaco becomes during race weekend. Having decades of experience ensures our guests are serviced by the best catering companies, transportation providers,  support staff, etc. We always prepare for the worst case scenarios so that in the event something doesn’t go as planned we are ready with Plan B to solve problems before they happen.

  1. Customise your services 

Create fitting packages to a client’s needs, expectations and budget. With so many options available in Monaco, it’s not always easy for the individual to decipher which one will best fit their interests. We get a clear picture of the kind of experience the client is after and build the package from the ground up. Occasionally guests prefer to stay in an apartment in Monaco, in cabins on a yacht, or in a villa in nearby Italy – we work to make this all happen.

  1. Add a personal touch 

Not only is it our motto but an essential piece of our success, 90% of our business is referral-based. In an Internet-focused world we strive to keep that human interaction intact and accompany guests from the planning process to the end of the trip, with a big smile and some great memories made. Allowing guests flexibility to adapt experiences, such as a rooftop for Thursday practice, viewing from a yacht Saturday for qualifying and the race Sunday from Casino Square or overlooking the paddock is all very achievable and not near as expensive as one would expect.

  1. Be ready for anything 

The Monaco Grand Prix is a place where dreams come to life. The iconic streets come alive, all the clubs and parties elevate their game to bedazzle guests with big name performers and DJs. The yachts get bigger each year, the celebrities more prevalent (Justin Bieber greeted Hamilton as he approached the podium this year) and attendance increases. No request is too outlandish and just about everything is possible, therefore always be ready for a challenge.

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