8 Motorcycle Look Upgrades You Can’t Miss


The engine’s roar, the tyres’ grip, the exhilarating feeling of the wind as you cruise on the road – owning a motorcycle is an experience beyond transportation; it’s a lifestyle. But, beyond performance, the aesthetics of your metal steed express your personality and style. If you want to revamp your ride’s look, you’ve come to the right place. Here are eight essential upgrades with heads turning as you ride by.

1. Custom Seat Covers

Custom seat covers enhance comfort for you and your passenger and make a style statement. Choose from classic leather, vintage diamond-stitched patterns, or bold colours to transform your bike’s appearance. Tailor them to include extra padding or ergonomic designs for long-haul comfort. Stand out with a motorcycle that looks great and prioritizes rider-centric tweaks.

Aside from personal style, these covers offer essential protection against the elements. With high-quality materials such as UV-resistant vinyl or waterproof textiles, your seat remains shielded from sun damage and rain, staying in impeccable condition for years. Remember, the right custom motorcycle seat covers complement the bike’s overall aesthetic and preserve the integrity of the seat underneath. This investment will pay off in the long run, as you’ll avoid replacing your seat due to wear and tear.

2. LED Lighting Upgrades

Upgrade your motorcycle with LED lighting that illuminates and enhances its style. These energy-efficient lights provide improved visibility at night and give your bike a modern edge. You can customize your bike with options from white headlamps to colourful accent lights to match your vision. LED lights also have a longer lifespan, reducing replacements and saving you money in the long run.

Installing LED lights offers a world of customization. Riders can add under-glow kits, dynamic signal lights, and smartphone-controlled systems for on-the-fly personalization. Imagine adjusting your motorcycle’s colour and pattern with just a few screen taps — a modern twist that makes your bike stand out. These lighting kits can often be a rewarding DIY project, giving your bike a unique look and the satisfaction of a hands-on upgrade.

3. Exhaust Systems

The sound of your motorcycle can be just as important as its appearance. Upgrading your exhaust system can give your bike a distinctive growl that sets it apart. Different manufacturers offer various pipe designs, ranging from full systems to slip-ons, each with unique tone and volume levels. Some even provide tunable baffles that adjust the sound levels to your liking.

Aftermarket exhaust systems improve the sound and performance of your bike. They are lighter and more efficient than stock options, enhancing power-to-weight ratio and acceleration. Some exhausts have built-in noise-reducing technologies, providing a satisfying rumble without ear-splitting pipes. These upgrades improve your bike’s look, performance, and rider comfort.

4. Paint Jobs and Decals

For those looking to make a bold statement, custom paint jobs and decals are the way to go. With a wide array of colours, designs, and finishes available, you can completely transform the look of your motorcycle. Whether you opt for a classic single-tone paint job or a flashy two-tone design with intricate details, your bike will surely stand out.

Custom paint jobs enhance the aesthetics and shield your motorcycle’s bodywork from scratches and fading. Choose high-quality paints and finishes for style and durability. Decals offer an affordable way to add a personal touch, ranging from simple logos to intricate graphics, allowing you to showcase your unique flair.

5. Handlebars and Grips

The handlebars and grips are often overlooked when it comes to customization, but these small details can greatly impact your motorcycle’s overall look. Swapping out your stock handlebars for aftermarket options can give your bike a sleek, sportier appearance. Many manufacturers offer styles and finishes, from traditional drag bars to more modern clip-ons.

Along with the handlebars, changing out the grips can also add a touch of personalization. Grips come in various materials such as rubber, foam, and even leather-wrapped options for a classic look. They also come in different textures and patterns, making it easy to find the perfect set to match your style and provide maximum comfort during those long rides.

6. Mirrors

While often seen as a functional component, mirrors can also be an excellent opportunity for customization. Countless styles are available, from traditional round or rectangular shapes to unique designs like skeletal hands or eagle claws. Riders can also choose from various finishes, such as chrome, matte black, and carbon fibre.

Besides adding a touch of style, aftermarket mirrors can provide better visibility and adjustability compared to stock options. Many designs offer wider viewing angles and adjustable joints, allowing riders to fine-tune their mirrors for the best rear-view coverage. Plus, installing new mirrors is typically straightforward and can be done in minutes, making it an effortless upgrade with significant impact.

7. Fender Eliminator Kits

Fender eliminator kits are a must-have for those looking for a cleaner, more streamlined look. These kits remove the bulky stock fenders and replace them with smaller, more minimalistic options. Not only do they improve the motorcycle’s appearance, but they also reduce weight and provide better aerodynamics.

Additionally, fender eliminators allow for the relocation of license plates and turn signals. This gives your bike a more aggressive look and helps with manoeuvrability by moving these components out of harm’s way. Just check local laws regarding license plate requirements before making any changes.

8. Wheels and Tires

Upgrades on your motorcycle’s wheels and tyres can drastically change its appearance. Swap out stock rims for aftermarket options in different finishes like glossy black or brushed aluminium to give your bike a new look. You can also opt for wider tyres with aggressive tread patterns that improve handling and add visual appeal.

Aside from aesthetics, investing in high-quality wheels and tyres can also benefit your bike’s performance. Upgrades like forged wheels or lightweight magnesium rims can reduce unsprung weight, improving acceleration and handling. Additionally, modern tyre technologies like multi-compound rubber and directional tread patterns provide better grip and stability on the road.

Customizing your motorcycle is a fantastic way to express yourself and elevate the look of your ride. Whether you choose to focus on aesthetics or performance, countless upgrades can transform your bike into a unique, head-turning machine. So, let your imagination run wild, and create a motorcycle that reflects your style and personality.

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