AMALGAM Ferrari 250 GTO Collection model car


A fine 1:8 large-scale collector’s model of the Ferrari 250 GTO which was first unveiled to the world at a Press Conference in Maranello February 1962.

This model has been hand-crafted utilising our own CAD data created by scanning an original car in every detail. The resulting prototype has undergone strict scrutiny by Ferrari to ensure complete accuracy.

It’s a very special, very Limited Edition of this marvellous model. An exquisite collection of the Ferrari 250 GTO Series 1 at 1:8 scale.

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Just 5 pieces of each of the 32 ‘Series 1’ chassis, precisely modelled with the race livery and set-up with which each chassis appeared at its most significant event in 1962 or 1963.

Each unique model is beautifully crafted by the famous professionals at AMALGAM, which have been providing spectacular F1 model cars for years.

Price:  5,895.00
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