These are the best F1 records to date

F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi

Formula 1 is back to its former glory. The sport’s popularity has been revived in the past couple of years, and many fans are more than eager to watch the races. Of course, numerous changes have been made compared to 10 years ago, but that’s all part of adapting to the modern era.

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Throughout history, all of us had the pleasure of witnessing great drivers take the stage, and they were able to set numerous records. That’s exactly what we’ll list here. Below, we’ve taken a closer look at some of the best F1 records to date. These accomplishments will be hard to beat, and that’s what makes them so great.

Most Wins

Let’s start with success. Currently, Max Verstappen holds the record for most wins in a single season. He achieved this feat when he won the 2022 Championship. In this season, he won 15 out of the 22 races. That’s a 68.18% win percentage, which is stunning.

However, the record for most consecutive wins in a season is held by none other than the recently-retired Sebastian Vettel. He won 9 races in a row in the 2013 season. If we’re looking at the win percentage, then the leader is Alberto Ascari, who won 6 out of the 8 races in 1952. That’s a win percentage of 75%.

The record for total wins throughout their career is held by Lewis Hamilton. As of right now, he has 310 wins, 2 more than the great Michael Schumacher. Sebastian Vettel was the only driver that came close to this record as he accumulated 300 wins.

Verstappen is a great threat to this record, though. The 25-year-old is yet to reach his peak and has plenty of years left in his professional career. At the moment, he sits at 163 wins. Many reputable bookmakers, such as Paddy Power, already list him as the favourite for the next season.

Betting on F1 races

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FERRARI F1 GP MESSICO SABATO 29/10/2022 credit @Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

Oldest Driver and Oldest World Champion

We all know that to race in Formula 1, you must start driving from a young age. Many drivers start with go-karting, then go to Formula 3 and 2, and if they impress the big boys, they will likely start their F1 career.

You need a lot of fast thinking and reflexes to compete successfully at this high level. Over time, these skills fade, which is a natural thing. There were some exceptions throughout time, though.

The oldest driver to ever enter an F1 race is Louis Chiron. He participated in the 1958 Monaco Grand Prix at the age of 58 years and 277 days. He’s also the oldest driver to start a race. He did so in the 1955 Monaco Grand Prix when he was 55 years and 292 days old.

Juan Manuel Fangio is the oldest world champion. He became one in 1957 at the age of 46 years and 41 days.

Most Podiums in A Season

Moving on, we go to the podiums section. Max Verstappen holds the record for most podiums in a single season – 18 out of 22 entries in 2021. Schumacher, Vettel and Hamilton have 17. Schumacher, however, holds the record for most consecutive podium finishes – 19.

He also holds the record for most consecutive podium finishes from the season’s first race. In 2002, he won a podium in the first 17 races of the season.

A Few Rather Unconventional Records

To close things off, we thought that it would be a good idea to list a few rather unconventional records. For example, Nico Hülkenberg holds the record for most races without a podium (184 entries, 181 starts). Carlos Sainz Jr. holds the record for most races before scoring a podium (101).

Rubens Barrichello holds the record for most career podiums without winning a World Championship (68). Nick Heidfeld has the most career podiums without a win (185 entries, 183 starts).

Juan Manuel Fangio is the oldest driver to set the fastest lap (46 years and 209 days). Finally, Schumacher holds the record for most fastest laps in a single season (10).

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