The new Monster motorbike by DUCATI


The new and flawless-looking Monster motorbike from the legendary Italian manufacturer reflects the essence of Ducati in the smoothest, lightest, most compact, and essential form possible. You can already guess it from the name: Monster +, nothing else.

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The design of the new Monster + is exactly what you might expect from the sport naked par excellence but in an even more cutting-edge and modern guise. Slinky yet aggressive curves. Classic details with a modern twist. A design that aims to offer pure Monster-style emotion.

A real concentration of style, sport and fun that will make you want to get rid of the superfluous and focus only on what counts, sheer riding pleasure. You can be sure to improve as a rider, experience intense emotions, and enjoy yourself every time you climb on board.

The style 

It’s tremendously lightweight and compact. Agile and sleek.
The chassis is an aluminium front frame and contributes to maintaining the dry weight at just 166 kg! And lightness is key to achieving a bike that is easy to ride, handle, whilst being fast and above all fun.
The undeniable fun factor
Ducati Monster bikes were always about incredible fun. They’re fun even to just sit there, without touching the gas, with the motor turned off. You get this feeling of playfulness and enjoyment you’ll remember for a long time, and almost no bike was able to match it so far. That’s why Ducati Monster models are still leading the stats in worldwide bike websites for their Fun Factor.
The specs 
DISPLACEMENT 937 cc (57 cu in)
POWER 111 hp (82 kW) @ 9,250 rpm
TORQUE 9.5 kgm (93 Nm, 69 lb ft) @ 6,500 rpm
DRY WEIGHT 166 kg (366 lb)
SEAT HEIGHT 820 mm (32.3 in)
800 mm (31.5 in) (accessory low seat)
775 mm (30.5 in) (accessory low seat + low suspension kit)
STANDARD EQUIPMENT Ducati Quick Shift, Ducati Power Launch, 4.3″ TFT colour display, Full LED headlight and lighting system, Dynamic turn indicators, USB power socket.
VALVE CLEARANCE CHECK 30,000 km (18,000 miles)

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Price: Around €12,000
Available from:

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Good Things

  • No downside on a Monster.

Bad Things

  • Accessing the battery is a real hard work. Other than that, it's a fantastic bike.

The Breakdown


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