Ferrari celebrate its first Formula 1 win with some exceptional events

This coming Sunday, before the start of the British Grand Prix, a historic race that has been on the calendar in every year of the world championship, Scuderia Ferrari will celebrate in a special way, the 70th anniversary of the first of its 238 Formula 1 wins. It happened on 14 July 1951 courtesy of the Argentinian driver Jose Froilan Gonzalez at the wheel of a 375 F1.

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Charles as “El Cabezon”. One of these legendary cars has made the journey to England from the Officina Classiche in Maranello, where it has been completely restored over the past few months. Once again, therefore, the sound of the 375 F1 12 cylinder engine will ring out around Silverstone, courtesy of Charles Leclerc, winner of two Formula 1 races with the Scuderia, just like “El Cabezon,” as Gonzalez was known in racing circles.

Evolution meets tradition. A lot has changed since 1951, especially the cars, but luckily so too has the level of safety, exemplified by the Silverstone circuit, now with more corners than 70 years ago. After all, Formula 1 is a sport in a state of constant evolution, in which technological research is pushed to the limit and attention to detail is everything. However, it is also true that, at the heart of this sport, there are values, traditions and partnerships that endure over time. Back in 1951, the Scuderia used Shell lubricants, Pirelli tyres and SKF bearings, just as it does today.

Special logo. To celebrate 70 years since Ferrari’s first Formula 1 win, the SF21s driven by Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz will feature a special logo on the halo for this weekend. The car covers will be off this weekend! In addition, in honour of Italy winning the Euro2020 football tournament last Sunday, 53 years on from its previous success in 1968, the SF21s will also carry the hashtag #grazieAzzurri.

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