The Formula 1 Billionaires Rich List

The world of Formula 1 is portraited as high-octane excitement, but behind this façade is a ruthless business attracting individuals with very deep pockets.

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Step forward to the billionaires involved in F1 at all levels.

‘The Formula 1 Billionaires Rich List’ explores the world these individuals live in and examines their influence within F1.

The List profiles 20 Billionaires, all men and asks the ultimate question – are they good for F1?

The list includes Team Owners, Sponsors, Circuit Promoters, Broadcasters and the Commercial Rights Holder.

Click on the names or photos for short bios, and most importantly, enjoy!

RankNameNet WorthAge Source of WealthNationalityF1 Involvement
1.Carlos Slim Helu

carlos slim helu
$68,6bn81Grupo CarsoMexicanDriver sponsor
2.Sir Len Blavatnik

len blavatnik
$32,5bn64TNK-BP, Access Industries, DAZNAmerican/BritishTV Broadcast, Team sponsor
3.Dietrich Mateschitz

dieter mateschitz
$27,9bn77Red BullAustrianCircuit owner, Team shareholder
4.Chalerm Yoovidhya

charlem yoovidhya
$20,2bn70Red BullThaiTeam shareholder, Circuit owner
5.Sir James Ratcliffe

sir james ratcliffe
$17,3bn68INEOSBritishTeam shareholder
6.Finn Rausing

finn rausing
$14,4bn65Tetra PakSwedishTeam shareholder
7.Lord Anthony Bamford

anthony bamford
$8,2bn75JCBBritishTeam sponsor
8.John Malone

john malone
$7,9bn80Liberty MediaAmericanCommercial rights shareholder
9.Stephen Ross

stephen ross
$7,5bn81The Related CompaniesAmericanCircuit promoter
10.Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud

mohammed bin salman al saud
$6bn35AramcoSaudiF1 sponsor, Circuit promoter
11.Dmitry Mazepin

dmitry mazepin
$4,5bn53UralchemRussianTeam sponsor
12.Piero Ferrari

piero ferrari
$4,3bn76Ferrari, FerrettiItalianTeam shareholder, Circuit owner
13.Jahm Najafi

jahm najafi
$3,5bn59Najafi CompaniesIranian/AmericanTeam shareholder
14.Lawrence Stroll

lawrence stroll
$3,2bn62Pierre Cardin, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael KorsCanadianTeam shareholder
15.John DeJoria

john dejoria
$2,7bn77John Paul Mitchell Systems, Patrón Spirits CompanyAmericanCircuit promoter
16.Michael Latifi

michael latifi
$2,5bn58Sofina FoodsIranian/CanadianTeam shareholder, Sponsor
17.John Elkann

john elkann
$2,1bn45Ferrari, Fiat, ExorAmerican/ItalianTeam shareholder
18.Sylvan Adams

sylvam adams
$1,7bn62Iberville DevelopmentsIsraeli/CanadianDriver sponsor
19.Sheikh Mohammed bin Isa Al Khalifa

$1,4bn52MumtalakatBahrainiTeam shareholder, Circuit promoter
20.Boris Rotenberg

$1,07bn64StroyGazMontazh, SMP BankRussianDriver manager

So, there you have it, 20 billionaires worth give or take $240bn influencing what teams are on the grid, who is driving, where they race, how the fans watch, and ultimately what direction the sport goes in, one thing is for sure, cash is king!

The net worth figures are compiled from various trusted sources, including Forbes and Bloomberg, but absolute definitive net worth is not possible as is always the case.

Omitted from the list is Gene Haas, owner of the Haas F1 team, as it has not been possible to verify if he is in the billionaire category.

Billionaires not included in the list but with some involvement in F1 include the Yew Tree Investors, Silas Chou $2.7bn, André Desmarais $1.5bn and John McCaw Jr $1.1bn.

Sadly, missing from the list is the recently deceased McLaren Shareholder Mansour Ojjeh.

Here is a fitting tribute by McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown.

“Ojjeh’s death has “devastated everyone” at the team.

“Mansour has been etched into the heart and soul of this team for nearly 40 years and was intrinsic to its success. He was a true racer in every sense. Ultra-competitive, determined, passionate, and, above all, perhaps his defining characteristic: sporting. No matter the intensity of the battle, Mansour always put sport first.

“Mansour was a titan of our sport, yet modest, unassuming, and disarming to all he encountered. His easy manner, sharp wit, and warm humour touched all those fortunate to know him.

“His love of this team was palpable for all to see, and those of us privileged to work for McLaren will remember Mansour as an impressive yet humble, human, a father figure who showed us at the most individual, personal level how to fight adversity and be resilient.

“He will remain in death what he was in life: a constant inspiration to all of us at McLaren and beyond. Mansour’s legacy is secure. It is woven into this team and perpetual. We race on as he would wish, our resolve more robust than ever, with his memory and legacy forever in our hearts and minds.

“All at McLaren Racing express their deepest sympathies to his entire family.”

Lastly, all the billionaires listed made their fortunes and then invested in F1, but only one man made his billions from F1.

Of course, that is Bernie Ecclestone, a formerly used car dealer turned F1 circus master worth $3.5bn.

So, the last word goes to Ecclestone, who once said, “There are always billionaires who want to spend a fortune on the glamour of F1. They spend more than they ever believed, and then they leave. But there’s always another one around the corner.”

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