Using Tamiya model car kits and other smart tips to start a new car repair workshop in 2021 and beyond


Many people dream about being their own boss. You will be able to set preferred hours, serve your customers as per your choice and specialize in a particular automobile field. Car enthusiasts can turn their passion into a lucrative business by opening a workshop.

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But having an entrepreneurial spirit is not enough. Without the right investments, guidance and a strong team, the establishment could struggle to survive amid the pandemic. In the fourth quarter of 2020, there were about 2,34,7000 auto repair and maintenance centres in America which is a 0.9% increase from the previous year. The revenue generated by the automotive repair industry is likely to grow in the coming years. 

So, if you looking to start a car-related business, this could be the right fit for you. A good way to attract car lovers is to offer them something to do while their vehicle undergoes a repair. Premier Car Models has enabled to choose of Tamiya model car kits or simple Tamiya car models like vintage and classic models with fine details to keep customers productively busy. Below are a few other helpful tips to start your brand. 

  Decide the Garage Type 

Offering niche repairs can help you flourish. So, research and check the demand for different car repair services. It could be anything from rustproofing, interior repairs, exterior paints, tire and oil changes, air conditioning and battery replacement. Plan the related expenses and focus on being sustainable. Specialized services can help improve the performance and keep the car components safe and durable. You can get hold of Tamiya car model kits to explain your services to your clients for better clarity. 

  Vehicle Workshop Software 

Besides using vintage Tamiya RC cars for entertainment, try to invest in good workshop management software. It will help streamline and optimize the workflow. Repair shop managers will be able to update inventory, create detailed reports, issue invoices and make appointments with customers in a smooth and efficient way. Look for cloud-based solutions with high-end customer portals and tutorials. Keep activity flows, customer relationship management and traffic notifications on the mind as well. Pick the right one according to your business size. 

  Get Well-Certified 

Use precise Tamiya RC car kits and Tamiya model kits to learn more about particular cars. It is also a good idea to get ASE certification. While it is not mandatory, potential visitors will know that you have the right expertise. It also acts as a great marketing tool when you demonstrate your credentials. Further, it will help you provide top-notch services and help build customer loyalty over time. You can opt for both the basic and advanced level courses to boost your sense of achievement and self-worth. It is also a good idea to get the necessary licenses before you launch your service to avoid legal issues. 

A high-quality Minichamps, OttoMobile, Kyosho and Tamiya car kits, up-to-date technology, a talented team of employees and some basic law advice must also be in place. All of them will help you grow your business in a positive direction. 

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