Top 10: Highest F1 driver salaries ever

Highest F1 driver salaries ever:

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When it comes to big-money sports, the first one that springs to mind is probably football with even relatively obscure players able to command multi-million-pound earnings courtesy of club salaries, endorsement deals and performance bonuses.

But did you know that the highest-paid Formula One driver of 2016, Sebastian Vettel, makes almost as much in a year in terms of raw salary than the current highest-paid footie player, Cristiano Ronaldo?

Perhaps the wages of F1 stars aren’t as widely discussed as those of footballers, but there’s still a vast amount of money in the sport. Here are the ten richest Formula One drivers of all time ranked in order of net worth.

Rank Name Team Year Compensation in 
1. 130338_new Fernando Alonso Ferrari 2010 40,000,000
2. attachment_119867 Michael Schumacher Ferrari 2006 38,000,000
3. jm1503fe150  Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari  2008-2009 37,000,000
4. attachment_119897 Michael Schumacher Ferrari 2004-2005 35,000,000
5. attachment_101296 Michael Schumacher Ferrari 2002-2003 32,000,000
6. jm1421au242 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari  2007 32,000,000
7. attachment_120436 Michael Schumacher Ferrari 2000-2001 30,000,000
8. attachment_db104399 Michael Schumacher Ferrari 1998-1999 25,000,000
9. alonso Fernando Alonso McLaren 2007 25,000,000
10. alonso_renault_08 Fernando Alonso Renault 2008 25,000,000


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