100 Most Influential People in Formula 1 2017


9. Bernie Ecclestone | Chairman Emeritus of Formula 1

Position last year: 1
Age: 86
Bio: Still a big influencer despite not being at the very top anymore
Google searches last 12 months: 5.4 million (highest on the list)

Dropped from the first position in 2017, Bernie Ecclestone is still a major influencer, but his power has significantly reduced since Liberty Media took over.

Without Ecclestone there would be no Formula 1; without Formula 1, there would be no Ecclestone. The sport has had many progressives, transforming a disorganised and dangerous gentleman’s pursuit into a global sporting phenomenon, but none possessed the vision and tenacity of one Bernard Charles Ecclestone. It remains to be seen what will happen when Ecclestone eventually steps out of the sport for good, but it’s doubtful that just one person could or in fact should, again, lead Formula 1 single-handedly.

On 23 January 2017, it was announced that Bernie Ecclestone had been replaced by Chase Carey as chief executive
of the Formula One Group, though he has been appointed as Chairman Emeritus and acts as an adviser to
the board.


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